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  I needed a "Princess Ring" and got a gorgeous piece of jewelry!


I really cannot say enough about this ring. I had someone on my Christmas list that wanted "the princess ring" from the Royal Wedding. Obviously, that meant a replica Princess Diana ring, which, from what I've seen, can be quite large. Unfortunately the person who requested this ring is slightly smaller and needs something that looks proportionate.

That's when I found the perfect solution: this ring.

I know it's billed as a simple sapphire ring in sterling silver, and it is that. It is a beautiful ring and I would encourage anyone to purchase it for that reason alone. If you need a real, wearable, alternative "princess ring" however, this is the absolutely perfect choice.

Let me say that I ordered 4 rings, two from Amazon and two from other places, trying to get one that was both actual silver (not plated) and actual stones (at least lab created and not CZ). The other rings all arrived before this one did and I was getting discouraged. One looked like plastic, one was already losing the silver plating inside the box it came it... you can see the nightmare brewing as Christmas approached and I was still lacking a present!

Then Jewelrypalace came through for me. This ring came in a very professional looking box, in perfect condition, quickly and in time for the holidays. I opened the box and I was blown away by the color, the shimmer and the fire of the white stones surrounding the sapphire were so eye-catching I forgot they were CZ. This was honestly one of the nicest sapphire rings I have seen in general, and for the purpose I needed it to serve it was immaculate.

You can imagine the present being opened, and I got the best reaction. I had found the perfect "princess ring" and also a really beautiful piece of jewelry that will last for years and still look great.

If you need a "princess ring" or are just a fan of sapphire, buy this ring immediately, you'll be glad you did!








Daughter's Birthday

My daughter is very successful and single at 52. She is a mortgage broker in Ca. and earns alot of money. She has everything possible, new two story home, big truck and a Harley. She always has a good boyfriend around but she has such a busy life with her job that's very demanding. My problem is finding something she will like for her birthday every year. So Feb. is here and now I want to find something I never gave her before. I chose these rings, she has many but she can wear them with all the different rings. She loves them, they look very expensive and beautiful. So I am happy, she sent a Face Time wearing the rings and a Happy Smile and a thanks with love to me. When she's happy so am I. B.F.A.


                                                                                                                             ---------------------B. Fox










There is also more detail than I imagined!

I've had several diamonds; this is just as beautiful! My fiance and I love the Celtic knots, and the meaning behind them.
So gorgeous and a beautiful vintage design!








Received my bracelet within 2 days. Arrived in soft velvet bag inside a waterproof plastic bag and of course Amazon padded brown envelope. It's BEAUTIFUL!! Extremely shiny sterling silver and I absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Great price for the bracelet. You won't be disappointed - it's absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

                          ------------- Sandra A.Eddy










This ring is so pretty. What I really like about it is that it doesn't feel fake at all. I recently bought another one that I had to return because it felt so fake but this one is awesome. I am very happy. Since I just got it I can't really give a review on how it is gonna hold up but I will be back to update. 😀


                                   -------------- J. Carrera








I love this ring. Great value! I am a person that can’t wash dishes without bleach and I haven’t taken this ring off since I bought it and it still shines like the first day and it hasn’t changed even though it’s been exposed over and over to bleach. I would definitely buy again and I would HIGHLY recommend.


                           -----------  Tonya Gaston









Bought these ring for my wife. She loves it, fits true to size. Ordered size 9 and it fits her perfectly. It has a nice little weight to it and it feels very sturdy 925 silver. Definitely made her happy with these little ring. Perfect price too.


                               ----------- Ducatista








O pingente é realmente muito bonito e de qualidade. A pedra muda de cor dependendo da iluminação. Na noite que ele foi verde, e na parte da manhã ele se tornou rosa. Tomo como um terceiro. Não há problemas com a remessa, ou com a entrega não era. O vendedor é confiável e responsável, imediatamente responde a perguntas e não há problemas. Entregue a Bielorrússia em 2 semanas. EU recomendo o produto e a loja. Muito obrigado vendedor!


                                               ----------   B***r