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    GET IT!!!!!! I promise you won’t regret it! I purchased this ring in October and it is a part of me now. The color is still beautiful 5 months later. I never take this ring off. I shower, swim in the ocean, play in the snow ❄️! I rub it from time to time to calm my anxiety and assure me that Jesus is always with me!
    I looked all over amazon looking for a bow shaped ring and this was the one I found with the best reviews and pictures Its a beautif ring and the bow is a nice size. It arrived on March 1st and now after having it for two months I can say that it has not rust nor has it broken. Also I didnt have any problems with the size it fit perfectly. In all honesty this ring is super cute and great for its price.
    A simple but perfect ring,my wife really loves minimalist jewelry pieces and this ring has become her everyday favorite.
    Roberta Jarmans